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#TrekTipTuesday - Ruck Marching For Hiking Fitness

Sometimes the simplest thing is the best option and nothing is simpler than ruck marching. Taken from the military tradition of marching with heavy rucksacks, ruck marching is going for a fast walk with a load on your back.

It burns almost as many calories per hour as running with far less impact on the joints. Because it conditions you to walk with a load it is sport-specific training for backpacking and long approaches for rock climbing.

Start with 2 X 30-minute ruck marches per week with a load of 10-20 lbs. On alternate weeks either add 5 lbs of weight or 5 minutes of time to your workouts until you are at 60 minutes and 20-25% of your body weight on your back.

To learn more, check out:

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