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LiveWild Radio

Work Hard, Play Dirty

Have you ever wanted to live a life of outdoor adventure? We do and we love talking about it!


LiveWild Radio is about inspiring stories, outdoor knowledge and hidden-gem destinations. Join us as we explore how outdoor adventures build mind, body and spirit.

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Catharine Gerhard

Adventure... let's go!

Catharine's a working business professional by day and part-time adventurer by night.  Worldwide travel has always been apart of her work and leisure time. However, in the last few years, her travel has steered more towards rugged adventures (backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering) dreamed by her inner child pretending to be Indiana Jones! Her curiosity drives her to try new things and she’s up for many challenges including overcoming her fear of heights.  LiveWild Radio is her excuse to geek out and meet other adventurous souls. Along for the ride, she tows her two young cubs under the ages of 9, for one hell of a life long lesson!


Winston Endall

Never grow up!

Winston started life as a hick kid in rural New Brunswick, Canada. Running around the woods was just what you did. While he went to school for journalism, he has spent most of his adult life in the outdoor industry, as it was the closest he could come to getting paid to play outdoors. LiveWild Radio is a good fit for him as anyone who knows him will attest, he loves to talk. From backpacking and cycling to climbing and wilderness survival, he's the grizzled vet of the team. At times crusty but never doubt that he loves the adventure.

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