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Turn Back The Clock

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to look after your most important asset: YOUR HEALTH.

For those of us who are over 40, it becomes a life-saving pursuit to be in shape, not a luxury.

This means exercise, nutrition, stress management, sleep and body composition.

We simplify the process with easy-to-follow plans that will get you leaner, stronger, more confident, and healthier.

You deserve to turn back the clock and be a sexy beast again.

Online Coaching Packages

We offer different service packages depending on your needs and personality. Whether you just need a program to follow or a consultation to get past a roadblock, we can help. 

If you desire more in-depth, ongoing personal coaching, we offer packages tailored to your goals. 

If you aren't sure what you need, please book a free consultation call with us.

Goal Based Coaching Programs


Rapid Fat Loss Program

This program sucks. It works but is only for the dedicated and disciplined as it isn't easy.


If you are one of the few ready for a life-changing challenge and want to drop body fat as fast as possible, then get ready to suffer.


This is no joke. You will train hard and be on a very strict diet but you can drop a lot of fat quickly.  


GenX Transformation Program

If you are a GenXer tired of being tired, we've created a program to recapture the vitality of your younger years.

This is who we are, and we are experts in getting results for people who aren't kids anymore but want to feel like they are 20 years younger.


Unleash your sexy beast.


Kettlebell Recomp Program

Recomposition is the process of losing fat and building muscle simultaneously.

This is the path to long-term success as it has no restrictive diet you can't stick to.


Training is based around the kettlebell, allowing you to work out at home with minimal equipment.

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