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Coaching Profile

I'm Winston Endall,
Head Coach at LiveWild Fitness.

Thanks for getting this far. 
We saw a problem which we thought we could help fix. Too many people between 40 and 60 should have the time of their lives but aren't happy with what they look like and feel like crap.
I'm in my fifties and want everyone to feel as good as I do.

This is where I tell you why I can help you get in shape and love life again.


No one hires a personal trainer or coach for what they do. It's not the programs or nutritional advice.

You only care about the RESULTS. 

Our programming is effective as long as you do the work.


With hundreds of clients over the last three decades, we have refined the structure of our plans to improve efficiency and adherence. 


The best plan isn't worth anything if you can't get anyone actually to follow through, 

Fitness is both a physical and psychological process. You need to change the way you think to enable yourself to do the things necessary to change your body and health.

My Story

I've been a coach and personal trainer for 28 years.


I used to focus on athletes who wanted to win bike races and games, but now I've shifted to people like me.

I'm not concerned with being the fastest or scoring the game-winning goal.


I'm now focused on winning at life. 

This means being healthy, feeling good, and not being fat anymore.

If you are Gen X and want to improve your health, fitness, and physique, I can help you achieve your goals.


My philosophy is grounded in short, effective workouts you can do at home or the gym.  The same approach is applied to nutrition, where I'll help you create sustainable habits and get off the yo-yo of losing weight and then gaining it all back.

I want you to win, so we work together to overcome all the roadblocks that stop most people from getting the lasting results they are after.


If you want to find out more we are ready to help.

 Let's connect.

Or test to 226-752-5394

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