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#TrekTipTuesday - Strength Training Hack: Blood Flow Restriction Bands

When you don't have access to heavier weights at home, are recovering from an injury or want to increase training load without increasing the stress on the joints,  blood flow restriction or occlusion bands is massively effective.  Place a band near the top of the arms or legs and it will reduce the return of blood from the working muscles leading to increased fatigue and pooling of metabolites.  You get similar muscle growth using 20-30% of your max for higher reps as you would using a more traditional 70% for sets of 8-12 reps. Plus you get a super intense pump which just feels and looks great. Psst... for climbers, this is great as you can train your grip intensely without adding more stress to the tendons of the fingers.   

Studies have shown the following workout protocol to work effectively.   

- 4 sets of an exercise.  Set 1 at 30 reps. Sets 2-4 at 15 reps. 

- Limit rest between sets to max 30 seconds. 

- Progress by adding reps, shortening rest periods or adding weight.

Another brutal workout is to use the bands for walking lunges. Check out last weeks TTT for a great workout that the bands will make even harder.

Blood flow restriction or occlusion bands are available online and at fitness stores.

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