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#TrekTipTuesday- Simple Outdoor Workout For Hiking Fitness

When it comes to hiking you need strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This workout will help build all three facets of hiking fitness with very little equipment. It is brutal with both burning muscles and lungs but unless you are a beginner you will need to suffer occasionally to make optimal progress.

You only need a long looped exercise band. Bands are available in multiple resistances. I use one that maxes out at 175 lbs but I suggest you start with a lighter band and workup. The banded good mornings will torch your glutes, hamstrings and lower back without putting a severe load on the spine. And even if you aren't a hiker, you will benefit from increased fitness and build great legs and butt.

The Workout

Do the three exercises back to back with 1-2 minutes rest between circuits.

-100 meters Walking Lunges

- 50 Body Weight Squats

- 30 Banded Good Mornings

Do the workout 2x per week with a more strength-oriented lower body workout another day.

Have at least a day's rest between strength workouts. Start with 2 circuits and build to 4 adding a circuit every two weeks.

Once you are up to 4 circuits then you can progress by adding a weighted pack. Start at 5 lbs and add 5 lbs every two weeks until you are up to 20-25% of your body weight.

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