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#TrekTipTuesday – Outdoors with Kids

Parents often express angst and uncertainty at the thought of adventuring with their kids. From gear, to distance, difficulty outdoors and everybody having a good time. Taking kids out on an adventure doesn’t have to be so daunting.  Here’s one key tip that’s worked for me.

Whether it be vacationing, car camping, backcountry or even an afternoon adventure my best advice is to keep expectations low and go with the flow.  It's important to recalibrate our outdoor adventure goals (i.e. time, distance and difficulty).  


Throw out your schedule and give yourself the time to adventure with no set plan and follow your children’s lead. If they want to stop and explore a nook, go for it rather than rushing on by to beat the clock.

Distance and Difficulty

I generally keep the difficulty low and distance short when trying something new. If they do great, next time we can challenge ourselves the next go around but at least you haven’t scared them off and now you all have something to look forward too.

 I’ve found greater satisfaction and patience with this approach.  Remember it’s society that has taught us to “go, go, go”.  Golden memories are often when you are simply in the moment. Children at a young age especially love that. All they want is your time.

For more about outdoor adventuring tips and ideas visit our website (link in bio). Also, stay tuned for more about adventuring with kids as on July 1st we’re launching a podcast all about this.